Internet Marketing / Online Marketing


Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing involves a variety of programs and services all designed to increase traffic to your web site or physical location and ultimately the ROI of your marketing budget.
Some of the internet marketing tools that are available:

  • Website Design and Development

  • Internet Yellow Pages

  • Directory Updates

  • Online Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Keyword Research

  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

  • Viral Marketing

  • Video Marketing

  • Social Network Marketing

  • Local Mobile Marketing

  • Domain Name Management

Using various techniques including marketing campaigns, we are confident that we will accomplish our aim in providing your business with the maximum benefits of having a web solution.
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Local Search Services

IYPS Local Search Services is one of our most popular products. It is cost effective and requires no monthly recurring fee.

We utilize the "free" sections of the search engines and Internet Yellow Pages to update our clients information correctly. Included in this service is basic keyword research to ensure our clients description, categories, and services are based on what people are searching for in the online environment.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you're serious about getting your web site into top positioning on the major search engines, then these Search Engine Optimization (SEO) packages will get you there. To get your business ranked high on major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN, we incorporate SEO. This will no doubt help your business get the recognition it requires. We maintain SEO regularly for you to ensure you are still sitting tight on top of your entire list of opponents and are targeting your desired audience.

We offer three levels of SEO tailored to the specifics of your site. For larger scale web sites or sites that have more advanced and in-depth requirements, we also offer a SEO Custom service that is specifically designed to cater to your needs.

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

For additional information contact us today for a free consultation.
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Behavior Based Search

The search engines are moving rapidly towards behavior based search. The SERP's (Search Engine Results Page) will become more personalized based on the users location and previous searches. No longer will search engine ranking be the top priority because the rankings of one person will differ, sometimes dramatically, with that of another searcher.

It is now more than ever time to ensure you are receiving and understanding your website analytics, traffic to your site, bounce rate, conversion rate, call to actions on your site, entrance pages and exit pages etc........

Is your site ready for the change to Behavior Based Search in 2009?
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Web Design & Website Development

It's one thing to create a pretty website. It's another thing to create a website that engages the visitor, provides call-to-actions, increases sales and is optimized for the major search engines: Google, MSN and Yahoo!

IYPS can help you create a new site, re-design your site or optimize your current site.
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Online Advertising

  • Pay Per Click : Pay-Per-Click : PPC
  • Search engines place your web site on their front page and you pay a set amount per click-through. Sites like Overture also run bids for certain keywords - the more you bid, the higher your site appears on the first page of the search results. Properly run, these campaigns can bring a lot of extra traffic to your website.

  • Online Local Search Directories
  • Similar to the Internet Yellow Page, or Industry Directories, these give you basic or enhanced listings on the website. Your details will come up if your defined category, location, services or company name is searched for by a user. Enhanced listings will allow users to click-through to your site. Online directory listings are often offered in conjunction with an entry in the printed version of the directory. Examples of some of the Online Local Search Directories include Google, Yahoo and MSN. The information updated is typically merged with the map search including Google Earth

  • Internet Yellow Pages - IYP's
  • Internet Yellow Pages (IYP's) are different from the Local Search Directories. These are typically provided by the primary print Yellow Pages such as,, and

  • Web Site Sponsorships
  • Web site sponsorship can come in two formats; regular sponsorship where the advertiser has a space to place the logo and company message, and content sponsorship where the advertiser has limited control and submits their own content to the site as well as having an advert on the page. These sponsorships will be for fixed periods, and need to be on targeted websites to reach the right audience.

  • Link Popularity : Reciprocal Links : Link Campaign
  • Search Linking strategies play an important role in the marketing of your website. The more incoming links to your site the more relevant your site is to the search engines. Search Engines treat incoming links to your site similar to a vote.

So, with more ways than ever to reach potential customers via the internet, it's important to make sure that you adopt the best online marketing mix. Since 2001, our expertise has taken the risk element out of online advertising strategy to provide online competitive advantages and serious return on investment to a range of clients - large and small. Why not Contact Us today to discover how we can help your business?
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Website Traffic and Analytics

We specialize in developing custom websites with reaching local clients as a priority. We can custom design any site to fit your needs. Use content to attract the right visitors, use images to show your products, use video to show people what you want to convey through an audio-visual medium. There are times when sharing exactly what you see on your screen is the quickest and clearest way to get your idea across.

We use a variety of analytic tools to research the traffic that is coming to your site. Understanding how people are reaching your site is integral in the online marketing of your site. Do you still think everyone who comes to your site start on your home page? The answer is no! Your home page is no longer your only entrance page and your contact us is not your only exit page. Using analytic information from your site we can see what keywords people use to find your site, how the navigate your website, length of time visitors are on a particular page and what pages are the most popular.

Please contact us today for more information and pricing.
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

There is a difference between Search Engine Compilation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing. Although, SEO is part of the overall SEM process.

SEO is working directly on your website to make it Search Engine friendly.

SEM is part of the Internet marketing that is designed to promote your web site by increasing the visibility of your web site in search engine result pages or also called SERP's
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Site Maintenance

What is website maintenance? Website maintenance is an ongoing service which keep your site updated and checked for errors. We check and repair broken links, make minor changes to the content of your pages to keep it current and also offer basic monitoring of web traffic.

Most good web sites have new content updated regularly which will keep your visitors coming back. The search engines also like content updates.

Depending on your web solution, we provide one-to-one training that will give you an in-depth course on how to maintain your website or we can provide the maintenance. By keeping in regular contact with you, we will offer instruction on any new technology which could help you sustain a healthy web solution.

We'll keep your content fresh and your visitors coming back.
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Whether your looking to create a new site or promote your current website, IYPS can offer our expertise. Think you need a blog, webcam, video, or some other type of "new" feature on your site? Will it help increase ROI or just make the marketing director happy?

We look at the goals of your site and will consult you on the most economical way of reaching those goals.
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