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Google expands Personalized Search for everyone >> more info

For Google is at it again. In the past the personalized search was limited to searchers who were logged into their Google accounts. Different results would be displayed, on the same keyword or phrase, if a searcher were logged into their account or if they were not. They are now extending personalized search to signed-out users worldwide. How will this impact your Search Engine Optmization or Internet Marketing programs?


comScore released search engine share figures for June 2009

For June 2009, here’s the search share handled by each of the major players in the United States:

  • Google: 65.0%, unchanged from May 2009
  • Yahoo: 19.6%, down from 20.1%, a 0.5% drop
  • Bing: 8.4%, up from 8.0%, a 0.4% rise
  • Ask: 3.9%, unchanged from May 2009
  • AOL: 3.1%, unchanged from May 2009

In terms of search volume, actual number of searches handled:

  • Google: 9.135 billion, down from 9.307 billion, a 172 million search drop
  • Yahoo: 2.755 billion, down from 2.877 billion, a 122 million search drop
  • Bing: 1.179 billion, up from 1.149 billion, a 30 million rise
  • Ask: 552 million, down from 555 million, a 3 million drop
  • AOL: 439 million, down form 438 million, a 1 million drop


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