Search Engine Tools

Use the following Search Tools to help understand how your site is found.

Although Google, Yahoo and MSN represent the vast majority of the search market, it is important to understand other ways visitors may find your site.

These tools can also help with a businesses Internet Marketing program.

Search Muffin

"SearchMuffin allows you to run a search, and see the ads that appear to searchers in any city."
The results are specific to Google

This is a very helpful tool if you are running geotargeted Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns and want to see what people are seeing in a particular market.


"Glearch stands for "Global + Search" and is a search tool for global business professionals, researchers, travelers and any one who would like to perform searches by specific countries and languages. Glearch selects the top results from Google, Yahoo and bing as well as the most popular search engines for the selected country and returns results."


"Spezify is a search tool presenting results from a large number of websites in different visual ways."

Spezify displays visual results from Yahoo, Bing, Flickr, YouTube and other sources. It is a very interesting site and display exactly where the images or other content is pulled from on the search page when you click on a particular result. Based on the search term it could bring in a variety of content that may not be specific to a particular business or search term.

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